roddydickinsonCounty Treasurer Roddy Dickinson: By State mandate the Treasurer’s Office collects real and personal property taxes including vehicles, front foot assessments, and invests all county, school district, airport, and Solid Waste Authority funds. The Treasurer’s Office also holds tax sales for delinquent taxes at public auction as mandated by State law.

ContactPhone: (843) 915-5470
Fax: (843) 915-6470


Lois EargleCounty Auditor Lois Eargle: The Horry County Auditor’s Office assembles information regarding real and personal property ownership for the purpose of establishing a fair market value, computation of the assessed value and application of the taxing millage rate to produce revenue to be collected by the Horry County Treasurer/Tax Collector.

ContactPhone: (843) 915-5050
Fax: (843) 915-6050


Renee ElvisCounty Clerk of Court Renee Elvis: The Clerk of Court’s (Circuit and Family Court) purpose is to provide all the services of the judicial system to the general public. Our goal is to ensure that our services are rendered in a timely and efficient manner.


ContactPhone: (843) 915-5080
Fax: (843) 915-6081


JudgeWardCounty Probate Judge Kathy Ward: Probate Court has original jurisdiction over actions concerning the issuance of marriage licenses, the estate of a deceased person, the will of an individual, the estate of a minor or incapacitated person, trusts, and involuntary commitments.


ContactPhone: (843) 915-5370
Fax: (843) 915-6370


richardsonSolicitor Jimmy Richardson:The Fifteenth Judicial Circuit includes Horry and Georgetown Counties and our mission is to preserve the rights of the citizens of these counties while prosecuting those who violate the law. As your Solicitor, I am committed to the administration of justice.


ContactPhone: (843) 915-5460
Fax: (843) 915-6085


coronersCounty Coroner Robert Edge: The Horry County Coroner’s Office investigates all deaths within its jurisdiction according to state law. It determines cause and manner of death after investigation is completed and maintains files on deaths referred to this office. The Coroner’s Office also works with different agencies to help complete necessary paperwork.

ContactPhone: (843) 915-5110
Fax: (843) 915-6110


Sheriff-ThompsonSheriff Phillip E. Thompson: The Horry County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for numerous task including courthouse security, processing warrants, fingerprinting, registration of sex offenders, funeral escorts, background checks and managing the J. Reuben Long detention Center.


ContactPhone: (843) 915-5450
Fax: (843) 915-6451