The State Rules Committee met on January 31, 2017 to clarify Rules regarding the reorganization process, a process which it takes very seriously. 

It is the duty of the Rules Committee to clarify and interpret the State Party’s Rules when necessary. Looking ahead to the 2017 reorganization process, the Rules  Committee took an inclusive and proactive approach to make the process as smooth as possible. These questions were generally raised during the 2013 and 2015 reorganization process, hence the committee’s meeting, discussion, and guidance. 

Such clarifications and interpretations should serve to guide our precincts and county parties. In the spirit of the State Party Rules, the following are the opinions and guidance from the State Rules Committee:

 1. Must a person be present at the initial re-organization meeting or makeup meeting to be elected as a county delegate? No. State Party Rule 4-c-5 states, “Delegates and alternates to the county convention shall be elected from among the members of the precinct in attendance and/or those whose membership is set forth in the poll list of the preceding primary election.”  The election in reference for the 2017 reorganization process is the 2016 Presidential Preference Primary. To be elected as a precinct officer or delegate/alternate to the County Convention, the individual must turn in their completed and signed Form 1 to the county party chair prior to or on the day of the precinct meeting or makeup meeting. Only those individuals in attendance may vote. An original signature is required.

2. What are the eligibility requirements to participate in precinct reorganization? State Party Rule 4-c-3       states, “Membership eligibility is determined by the member having current, valid voter registration certificate in that precinct, and either (1) the person having voted in the election designate for the purpose of delegate allocation (in this case 2016 Presidential Preference Primary) or (2) the person being elected to membership at the precinct level.” If a new, recently moved voter would like to participate, documents proving residency (utility bill, lease, etc.) are acceptable proof of residency.

3. What is the timeframe to submit delegate/alternate information for county convention?  State Party Rule 4-c-5 states, “The county chairman shall make the certified list of delegates and alternates to the county convention available to any delegate, alternate or precinct officer no later than three (3) days after a make-up meeting.” The last day for delegates/alternates to be added for county convention is three (3) days after the make-up meeting.

4. What information does the state party provide to candidates seeking state party-level offices?  The state party will provide information to candidates seeking office at the state party level with all Form 1 information provided by state delegates and alternates. The state party will require those seeking delegate and alternate information to agree to and sign a data sharing agreement form prior to sharing information. The agreement will be used to limit public sharing of personal information and prevent spam.



Glenn A. McCall (Rules Committee Chair)

Chad Groover, Greenville County

Ida Martin, Williamsburg County

Drew McKissick, Richland County

Sandra Bryan, Richland County

Janis Blocker, Colleton County

Karen Martin, Spartanburg County

Jim Jerow, Richland County

Randy Hollister, Georgetown County

Susan Aiken, Anderson County

Jane Page Thompson, Aiken County

Matt Moore, Lexington County, Ex-Officio

Hope Walker, Executive Director, Ex-Officio


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